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Welcome to Vanilla Jill's soft-serve, scoop shop! We're a gourmet frozen yogurt and ice cream shop that takes special pride in doing what few have done: we serve small batch hand made frozen yogurt in soft-serve, and now over 20 scoop flavors at our Whiteaker location, including grass-fed ice creams and vegan treats. We make each batch in our little kitchen, using Nancy's organic kefir as our frozen yogurt base, not a mix. We are delighted, too, to cater to the needs of everyone, including most with dietary restrictions or preferences. We have a significant selection of vegan flavors as well as sugar-free options, dairy-free, whole milk, goat milk, and cultured cream lactose-free offerings. Most recently we also added a huge line of Paleo treats: sandwiches on our homemade, grain-free bread, Paleo ice creams and baked goods, as well as nourishing soups! If you love the flavor of locally grown real food and a business that is connected to its community through buying from local farmers, Vanilla Jill's will be an exciting and magical favorite. And did we mention that our treats are the yummiest? They are! We haven't stopped eating our product, literally every day, since it's origination in our test kitchens. How can you beat a product that tastes indulgent but is actually good for you?! So, for healthy traditional flavors and unique original ones, welcome!
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